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Hi, I'm Catherine, the founder of Your Digital Support. As the owner of an online media company, I met many entrepreneurs who were missing opportunities to grow their businesses. Often they came to me to purchase digital advertising packages, hoping for a 'magic wand' solution to grow their businesses.


In fact I could see that making their own social media more engaging and effective would be a far more impactful investment for them, and without these basics in place advertising was not the answer.

I launched Your Digital Support to help those clients achieve better results on social media with strategic, creative content perfectly designed to attract their ideal customers! If you're feeling overwhelmed by your business social media, you're not alone. We love social, and we'll help you create and implement a powerful plan that draws your ideal customers to your business. 

How We Can Support You

We work with our clients long term and create social media strategies that are tailored to meet their business goals, while truly reflecting their brand's personality and values. Everything we do is designed to increase your visibility and get your business noticed.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Help you uncover and clarify your core messages

  • Help you fully understand who your target audience is

  • Refine your brand voice and brand personality

  • Generate an endless supply of engaging social media content

  • Ensure that your social media content works towards your bigger goals

  • Share our experience, so you get better results fast

  • Keep you on top of your social media analytics to optimise your results

  • Increase your visibility and build your brand

  • Get you time back

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I highly recommend Catherine and the team at Your Digital Support. The overall support and content creation has been awesome and I have been super impressed with the care and attention to detail shown. Catherine was quick to understand our business and customer needs and continues to create brilliant and engaging content.

About Me

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I’m originally from the UK and now I live in Hong Kong with my husband and three kids. I’ve owned and run an online lifestyle media platform (The HK HUB), and significantly grown the website traffic, email and social media following while partnering with advertisers to help them reach our audience. I have over a decade of experience in supporting businesses on social, and have been a business owner myself since 2015, which gives me a significant insight into the challenges my clients face. I love being an entrepreneur and the flexibility it gives me. When I'm not working you'll find me reading, doing yoga, kid-wrangling and being outdoors with my family in beautiful Hong Kong.

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